It rains over Tokyo, and Shibuya looks more than ever like straight from one of those street scenes in Blade Runner with crowed alleys, busy ramen stalls everywhere, neon lights and constant announcements blaring from loudspeakers. The visitor walks under the drizzle  recording everything, sometimes literarily recording in his phone the street noises, blasting music coming from department stores, the many cars, buses and motorcycles, loud buzzers, the laughter of teenagers returning from school, employees voicing what their competing outlets offer, the female voice repeatedly informing you which escalator to use to descend to the subway, or reminding passers-by to be courteous and polite to each other, pre-recorded thank-you messages when getting in our out of a shop, the reverberating melodies at any corner telling when to cross the street or to wait for the light to change. All these simultaneous noises mix and muffle each other, competing in a deafening and chaotic sound jumble that defines downtown Tokyo as much as any visual image you may have of it. 

Photo (c) Paco Beltran

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